Updating Firmware


You will need

  1. The latest version of the Library
  2. A USB A/B cable (included with your Lumen)



  • Power on your Lumen
  • Connect it to your computer via the USB cable
  • From the bottom-right of the Library main page, click on the "Update Firmware" link




  • To update the AUDIO PROCESSOR firmware (right side), click the "Update To Latest" (1) button
  • Disconnect and turn off your Lumen

    • To update the LUMEN (main board) firmware, reconnect to the computer (the unit off when connected)
    • From the left side of the firmware update page, select the COM port to which your device is connected (1)
    • Click "Update to Latest" (2)
    • On your Lumen, hold the ring down to start the update
    • Once completed, disconnect from USB and restart your device