Lumen Handpan

What are the output options?

Lumen has an audio out, MIDI out and USB MIDI In/Out.

What audio jack is used?

The audio jack is a stereo 1/4" (6.3mm) jack - note that it does not support a mono jack connection.

What is the battery size and typical playing time?

There is a large 10800mAh battery that provides amplified playing time of up to 8 hours before needing a recharge.

Can I play overtones?

Yes,  the pad sensors are divided into 5 zones. Overtones can be accessed on the outer edges, with the fundamental note sounding in the center.

Can I play harmonics?

Yes, by dampening one of the overtone zones, the zones on either side of it will sound the harmonics for the current note.

Can I create my own scales?

Yes, scales are fully customisable in the range of an octave above and below the originally sampled instrument.

Can I play the Gu?

Not on the underside of the instrument like an acoustic handpan, but on some instruments we do sample the Gu and make it available as part of the scale.

Can I load my own samples onto my Lumen?

Yes, see the section on "Lumen Editor"

Will there be additional sample packs available?

Yes, we will continue to sample new acoustic instruments and provide them for purchase on our store.

Lumen Editor