User Manual


Library App

Current version: 1.2.126 (Windows)
A Mac version is not yet available, so we recommend you use Parallels


Windows 10: no driver required
Windows 8.1: no driver required
Windows 7: Please manually update the driver using this file.

Driver installation on Windows 7
Click Start, Control Panel, Device Manager. The Device Manager window opens.
Note: Your Lumen with a missing driver will have a yellow exclamation mark.
Right-click the list Lumen and select Update Driver Software. The Update Driver Software window opens.
Click 'Browse my computer for driver software'.
Click Browse and select the path to the driver INF file.
Click OK and then click Next. The driver will now be installed.
Click Finish.
Restart your computer.

    Sample Pack Converter

    Current version: 1.3.43 (Windows)