January 2020 Firmware Update

February 21, 2020

Welcome to our first news post on our new site!


In this edition, we're focussing on the latest firmware enhancements for Lumen released last week, which were driven by feedback from our early crowdfunding backers who have received their instruments.


Global Scales

In previous firmware, scales were saved per-instrument, with the idea being that specific scales would sound better on some instruments than others, so we'd tailor the scales to the instruments. A Hijaz scale (for example) on a Halo instrument might not be available on a Tingklik or Gamelan. However, that decision should (naturally) be yours to make. We've now created a more extensive set of scales which is available to all instruments, with only the scale that the original instrument was sampled in being unique to that instrument.

How this impacts you

When changing scales while playing, the range of scales available is significantly increased. The first scale in the list will be the scale unique to the currently selected instrument. Following that, all of the global scales are available.

Global Scales Available

  • Agean
  • Ake Bono
  • Amara
  • Copperfield
  • Eolian
  • Equinox
  • Hijaz
  • Kiavara
  • Kurd
  • Little Bear
  • Magic Voyage
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Mixolydian
  • Pygmy
  • Raga Desh

    User Scales

    The same concept applied to scales made by the player - they were saved with the instrument in which they were created. Now, scales that you create are available across any instrument loaded onto your Lumen.

    How this impacts you

    When creating new scales in the tuning mode, you will be using the currently selected instrument to tune the scale, but the scale itself will be available to all instruments.

    While playing, your custom scales are listed after the Global Scales.


    To summarize the scales list available when changing scales, the moment to switch into Scale select mode, they will be listed like this:

    Current instrument's original scale -> All global scales -> All user scales

    For the Halo Kiavara for example, you'll see:



    Bug Fixes

    • For instruments that are placed into their bags while still on, the new firmware will detect this, and allow Lumen to "sleep" correctly. This prevents the unit from draining its battery unnecessarily.
    • Key changes were being overly limited on some instruments, so this has been corrected.


    Library Update - Scale Editing

    Another significant change is the ability to create, edit and preview scales directly onto your connected Lumen, using any instrument currently loaded. You can also preview the global scales which are available.

    In the image below, the numbers represent: 

    1. Custom scales (ones that you make) are listed at the top
    2. Standard scales - default ones built into Lumen
    3. Click here to create a new scale
    4. Enter or edit the name of the scale
    5. Choose the ding note, followed on the same row by the other notes of the scale. Note that scales here always have 9 notes because we have 9 pads on Lumen.
    6. Click here to preview the scale. This will play the scale via MIDI to your connected Lumen so that you can hear it with the currently selected instrument. You can change instruments while this is playing to hear how they all sound.
    7. Click here to delete the scale
    8. This button saves your custom scales to your Lumen - you'll need to restart your instrument to start playing those scales though
    9. Click here to refresh the global list of scales from our online resources.

    screenshot of library

    So, how do I get this?

    Detailed instructions for firmware updates can be found on the Updating Firmware page.

    If you have any questions or comments once you've tried this update, please send a mail to support@lumenhandpan.com, and we will do our best to assist.


    In light


    The Lumen Team