Our instrument is truly unique and this is why...

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Advanced Sensors

9 custom-built, pressure sensitive sensor pads. Each pad is divided into 9 zones to allow for a more nuanced performance.

Metal Body

The shell is made of spun aluminium, giving a solid, authentic feel

Touch interface

Change scales, key and even unique instruments using an intuitive scrolling touch ring around the edge of the ding

360 Degree Sound

Audio from the built-in driver is directed 360 degrees around the instrument

Premium Driver

The built-in full range driver is of the highest quality, sourced from Denmark.

Professional Audio Processor

On-board audio processor chip, capable of sub millisecond response times and over 200 polyphonic voices

Long Life Battery

Two lithium ion battery options: 

Single (4+ hours of amplified playing time) or Dual (8+ hours of amplified playing time)


4GB storage on-board, allowing for multiple sampled instruments to be loaded